Absolute Zero |0| Hunter/Target

The edge that saves the hunt

Protect your investment; your hunt and your expensive optics.  Prevent breakage.  Provides failsafe removal for storage or travel without loss of zero.  Pack a back up scope.  Have two scopes calibrated to different bullet weights.  Simply snap in a pre-zeroed scope. WEAPON FLEXIBILITY.

Clawmounts Manufacturing, Absolute Zero |0|, True Quick Detach System, Made in the USA

Product Review - by The Firearm Blog

Interested in purchasing your own Absolute Zero scope mount?  Check-out what Phil White of the Firearm Blog has to say about the Absolute Zero system.

"Recently I was asked to test a new scope mount from a young company. After speaking to a former military sniper about this mount I knew this was one I wanted to share with our TFB readers. This scope mount system is called the absolute zero system and I can say without reservation it certainly is that!"

The Clawmount System is very very sturdy. In fact it’s the strongest scope mount I’ve ever used or likely ever will use. The Picatinny adapter, for AR’s and in this case my Ruger Precision Rifle, is made of 7075 aluminum while the mount, base and rings are made of black oxide steel. Once mounted the adapter and base are rock solid. When the scope rings are mounted with the scope no part of the unit moves at all even when the QD is used and the scope is changed out.

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Absolute Zero |0| AR15 Tactical

When seconds count

We know what's at stake, the ABSOLUTE ZERO SOLUTION allows you to immediately adapt your weapon's sighting system to seize the TACTICAL ADVANTAGE.